My Kit

After 3 years, and over 18,000 photos (18,401 was the shutter count!) shooting with my Nikon D70, I’ve decided to upgrade my photographic kit. Last year I invested in the computer and editing side of things so it was really only a matter of time.

I had played around with a few options, and considered cameras like the Panasonic GF1 but in the end the call of a decent DSLR won out and I went with the new Canon EOS 550D, with an 18-55 IS lens, and the very cool 5omm 1.4.

I’ve very excited about shooting some up coming work on the 50mm, as I used to have the Nikon 1.8 on the D70 and it always made for a great portrait lens. The 18-55 will be my standard lens for a while but I’ve my eye on the 10-22 USM lens for a landscape lens.

As a camera body, the 55o is pretty much all I need. Not a full frame sensor but thats not really an issue with the kind of shooting I do anyway. Since I’ll be working with RAW files, the 18mp sensor should prove well above what I need! A bit of a jump from 6mp 🙂

I haven’t started shooting yet so I’ll have a play and see what kind of sample prints I can put together.

Bit of spec here:

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