Christchurch Quake, one week on.

Its been almost a full week since the major quake struck Christchurch. The 6.3 quake reeked much more damage than the one back in Sept and any of the 4,500 aftershocks in between. Life here in New Zealand has seems almost surreal this week, yet for many, life goes on. I didn’t feel it myself; I was at work at Imagelab in Wellington but soon learnt of the unfolding events. It became clear from a very early stage that this event would cause huge death and destruction.

Media here have showed countless images of the many buildings destroyed last week. Of course the iconic Cathedral in the main square will no doubt be the most significant loss to the city’s skyline.

Here are some of the images from

Here are some of my own photos of Cathedral Square, Littleton Harbour (near the epicentre) and the arts Centre (which is now the centre of the recovery effort). These were taken in Oct 2008.

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