Monitor Calibration…my way

I got a new monitor recently (Dell 2209WA) which is a wonderful tool for the work I do. I often come across clients at work who think as long as they have a new monitor it should be “correct”. When I plugged it in and hooked it up to my laptop for the first time I was reasonably pleased with how it displayed but the colours seemed slightly saturated and it was way too bright!

One of the 2209WA ‘s handy little features is that it has built in USB ports, so my plan was to leave my Pantone Huey Pro connected and allow it to constantly adjust for brightness. I use the Huey on my laptop and find it great to get a reasonably accurate colour. Of course with a lap top its more difficult to get it 100% right but I always check things on my work monitor too.

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I ran the Huey software and managed to get a really nice colour balance and brightness, and now the Huey is attached to the monitor all the time.

Here are a few reliant links:

Dell 2209WA Monitor

Pantone Huey Pro Profiller

Calibration Tests


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