A new chapter

Change is good, well so ‘they’ say. As 2012 gets into full swing (yes I realise its mid February), I decided to change a lot of things in my life. I felt last year that it was time to move on and explore more opportunities, both career wise and in my personal life. Having lived and worked in Wellington since July 2007 , it was not an easy decision to leave the place I called home but with a heavy heart I left for Auckland.

So I wrapped things up in Wellington pretty quickly in the end, I gave a months notice at work and sold or gave away most of my stuff and once again packed up my life into a few pieces of luggage. It’s a strange feeling but a very liberating one at the same time. I managed to find a place to live in Auckland much quicker than I expected to, which has allowed me to settle and begin looking for work right away. One of the main reasons for choosing Auckland was the work opportunities here seem much better than the rest of the country. Time will tell I guess but I’m very excited about some roles I’ve applied for. Until I get work sorted I’m just going to relax and enjoy the down time, I’m sure it won’t last long!

I finished my OldPhotos promotion with GrabOne, which was quite successful in the end. I’m looking to follow-up with another one in the near future but I’ll see how the next few weeks work out. Apart from that I’ve just been updating my CV, portfolios and online profiles. I also picked up a new iPad so I can work more on the go. It’s a great tool to display my work on in person, which hopefully I’ll get to do come interview time.

For some reason I keep on remembering my move to Wellington in 2007 and comparing it to now. I don’t know why, as back then I was moving to the other side of the planet with no real plan other then to see what would happen. Auckland is a much safer move, maybe as I get older I’m getting wiser? Unlikely. My goals, while mainly focused on career stuff this year (as with the past few years) are more about striking what the Kiwi’s call the ‘work/life balance’. I guess in Wellington I lost sight of that, particularly last year. But spending a few weeks traveling around with my parents made me realise that I didn’t move this far to work 7 days a week and run myself down. Turning 30 recently also forced me to evaluate my priorities.

So here I am, smack bang in the beautiful City of Sails, ready to begin a new chapter. I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited since I moved to NZ, but its been a lot. Everything is very familiar here which is great, but I’ve still lots to explore. Thankfully the weather has been really good over the past week so I’ve been out and about, trying to walk as many places as possible to keep active and work on my colour.

Here are some images I’ve captured in Auckland over the past few years:

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Here are the links to my updated online profiles:


The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui


My current CV can be downloaded here.

My current Design Portfolio can be downloaded here.


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