Old Photos: Main Trunk and Queenstown images

I’ve been sourcing some new imagery to add to the Old Photos image library. I’ve been focusing my search recently on North Island images, and particularly images relating to the Main Trunk rail line which links Wellington to Auckland. The line was completed in 1908, and is credited for having been an economic lifeline for the young nation, and for having opened up the centre of the North Island to European settlement and investment. The images I’ve been able to find offer a fascinating insight into the scenery and infrastructure at the time.

I’m looking forward to developing some new products around these.

I’ve also managed to source some more images of Queenstown and The Remarkables.

These will be on the site in the coming weeks, but here’s a peak at some of the originals:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, here’s a shot of The Makatote Viaduct, near National Park. I took this from the Overlander train last year when traveling. Not looking too shabby for 100 years eh!

Makatote Viaduct

Makatote Viaduct

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