Old Photos v2.0 Update

Its been a  few months since I decided to upgrade the Old Photos site, and to be honest I had hoped to have it complete ages ago but due to other commitments I’ve had to put it on the long finger until now. I’ve made a pretty decent start and over the next few weeks I’m going to be organising the 500+ images that will be available. I’m going for a much more user friendly site this time with smaller numbers of images grouped together. I’m also focusing strongly on integrating the content across social media.

Here are a few screen grabs

Home Page

Home Page

Single Images - Auckland

Single Images – Auckland

Gallery Page - Queenstown

Gallery Page – Queenstown

I’m building the new site in WordPress, so the old site is still live for now. I’ve also looked at how best to bring my portfolio site across to WP too, as that’s in need of a face-lift too! All in good time though.

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