The Breath of the Volcano

I went along to The Breath of the Volcano on Thursday night in the Auckland Domain. ‘Groupe F’ produced a fantastic show combining animated projections, performance and fireworks, all with references to Auckland.

Some of the images on The Herald site capture the content of the show.

I went back last night with my camera to grab some shots of the massive fireworks over the Museum. It was fairly tricky to shoot as the wind picked up a bit as they were about to start so most of the smoke ended up heading in my direction. So that along with heaps of car alarms going off made it interesting.

The front of the building was in complete darkness but I photographed it when the flood lights came on after the show and used that image to overlay so as to give the impression the light were on as the fireworks went off. I adjusted the colours to match up with the colour of the fireworks too.

Here are a few of the edited shots I’ve been working on:

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